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For over fifteen years, Peninsula has EARNED a REPUTATION for consistently DELIVERING on the many PROMISES it has made.    Promises to deliver the best landscaping services day in, day out.

Today, Peninsula is busy making NEW promises.  With the most advanced equipment and design software, new resilient plant varieties, and communication and quality assurance systems that range from ADVANCED cloud reporting to monthly recovery reports to REDUCE service calls and complaints.

Peninsula Landscaping Inc.  It's the promise of something new, backed up by a HERITAGE of promises kept, and RECOGNIZED around Hampton Roads as the BENCHMARK of QUALITY in Landscaping.  

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We don't just create the landscape, we create an EXPERIENCE

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Rock & Rose Landscapes is an award-winning leader in Hampton Roads, Virginia landscaping. With decades of combined experience, we are able to provide design, installation, and lawn and landscape maintenance care services with expertise and professionalism. The quality of our landscaping work comes from our outstanding people — a team of the best and brightest, who have made superior results the standard of our organization.

DESIGN AND PLAN: Failure to plan is planning to fail.   Our company likes to share in the long term vision of our clients.  The decision-making and planning processes are the first and most important steps in the development of our clients' landscaping. We work with both our own award winning designers or your independent designers to create beautiful and functional gardens, patio's, grounds that are client-specific and site appropriate.   "We create an experience, not just a landscape."

BUILD: The structures of a landscape comprise its backbone. If the backbone is strong, the landscape holds its own. Our teams of skilled craftsmen are adept at all of the trades in building great landscapes.   This includes desired features such as waterfalls, hardscapes, patios, rose and gravel gardens, outdoor kitchens, brick paver sidewalks, parks, and outdoor lighting.

MAINTAIN: As a living and growing entity, a thriving landscape not only needs to be tended, it needs to be pro-actively managed with technical skill and heart. Our landscape care crews are composed of horticulturally trained gardeners who are passionate about plants. We tailor our lawn care and landscape care programs to satisfy both the needs of the landscape and the sensibilities of our clients.

District Property Manager, Hampton Roads Market

Our firm has over 3000 units in seven states, Peninsula Landscaping has been an invaluable partner for the last four years including consulting us on landscape renovation cost estimates in the pre-acquisition due diligence stages.

My husband and I built a new house on the James River, we saw their work in our community and knew right away this was the company we needed to create our landscape and outdoor lighting.

Angela, Newport News, VA Homeowner

Real Estate Investor, Flipper- Hampton Roads

Great Staff and fast, we needed four homes landscaped pronto for quick sale and Peninsula was able to fastrack and complete all four the same week.  They understand how investors think, get as much landscaping as possible for set dollar amount.

View Our Package Deals


HGTV INSPIRED makeovers starting at $1,899

While a completely custom landscape is great, costs can sometimes get away.  You work hard for your money so now it's time to get the best value.  With our special packages, you can get landscape features normally only seen on properties worth well over 1MM (1 million).  Most of our customers are homes in the 350k to 950k price range who want the HGTV look.


Our package deals include HGTV inspired features such as: boulders, river surge, LED outdoor lighting, rock and stone features, rare plant varieties, creative use of pavers, gravel and other hardscape items.  Other services include installation of trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals, pavers, mulch, turf, sod, and tree care and removal.

In house Special Project Financing also Available @ 5.99%APR 

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LED Landscape Lighting

Did you know Peninsula Landscaping Inc. will price match any quote from a certified licensed landscape lighting company?  We stand behind the quality of our work and offer a extended warranty.   Contact us today.

Drainage Solutions

Custom Drainage Solutions

We offer custom drainage solutions to homeowners and businesses throughout Hampton Roads, Virginia.   The type of drainage recommended will depend on many factors such as amount of water, exit placement, grade, and your budget.  

Factors to consider first:

  • Are there any irrigation or LED landscape lighting wires/ pipe in the way of the drain?

  • Can I grade the yard or should I install a drainage box?

  • Is there lots of trees around that have roots?  This could making running drain pipe especially challenging.  

  • Would grass clippings and debris potentially clutter the drain box? 

  • Are there any gas lines or major utilities running in the path of the drain?

  • What is my budget?  Can I just fill in the area with more soil?

  • How accessible is the area?  Can a truck drive to the low area and dump dirt? 

  • Is there a place for the water to drain?  If not you may need a sump pump. 

  • What is the cause of flooding?  Are there downspouts that could be re-directed instead that are causing the majority of flooding? 

  • Are you in a wetland area where any type of work is not allowed?  In this case, you may be better off letting nature reclaim the lawn/bed. We can install native grasses and plants in those areas to help speed up this process.  

If you’re experiencing drainage issues, we can help! It’s helpful if you can take pictures of the drainage problems during a rainstorm or after a heavy snow melt in order for us to better assess the situation. 

Some common drainage solutions include:

  • Installing French drains after hand-excavating around the foundation of your home

  • Re-grading lawns

  • Changing the slope by adding soil/rock around the foundation

  • Connecting downspouts to underground drainage systems (Dry Wells)

  • Installing dry river beds to assist with storm drainage

  • Creating a grassy swale

  • Installing a water garden/feature

  • Sometimes a combination of services is required.  


Local municipalities regulate the release of storm water into the municipal system. We are aware of and careful follow all codes and regulations as we develop and install your landscape drainage systems.

If you are facing any problem with your landscape drainage, or would like an assessment, don’t wait! Contact us today, or call us at 410-477-5320.

Landscape Drainage

The importance of proper landscape drainage cannot be overstated. Poor drainage at the foundation can cause water in your basement, and uncontrolled water flow can cause erosion. Damp areas or standing water in your lawn and landscape can damage the root system and stunt the growth of your trees and plants. Too much moisture can also affect your plants’ resistance to pests and disease.

Featured Project, Yorktown VA

While most of our lighting customers are homeowners, the below featured project is for a homeowners association in Yorktown.   The customer wanted to create impact and ensure the HOA entrance stays updated.   Our team is capable of boring under roads and installing wire, something that was done on several runs.  The customer was able to light the entire entrance including an 800 foot median for just $9,000 thanks to our MEET or BEAT program.  Check out pictures below:

Outdoor Lighting Hampton Roads, VA Relies On

At Peninsula Landscaping we believe that outdoor lighting is more than simply adding external lights to your property. To us, outdoor lighting is an art. Our premium lighting designs require experience, design knowledge, practical application and quality products.

Our design/build team has a combined 25 years' experience serving cities like Virginia Beach, Yorktown, Williamsburg, Newport News, Norfolk and many more!  We cater to both residential and commercial properties. Throughout our 10 years, we have focused exclusively on architectural and landscape lighting. Our passion, experience and focus works together to provide you, the customer, with the highest level of service in outdoor lighting design and installation.

Professional Installation

Ready to illuminate your property? We are more than prepared to help you with any and all of your landscape lighting needs. Whether you are located in Virginia Beach, Williamsburg or any other surrounding areas, we will be happy to assist you with your exterior lighting needs. Contact us today to get started!  


Call 757-75-.5747 or email info@peninsulalawn.com

How does it work?

  1. Obtain quote from any certified professional landscape lighting company.

  2. Contact us for a free consultation and for price match.

  3. Peninsula Landscaping will meet or beat their quote while often times using superior material.

-  Exterior and Landscaping Tip's when selling your home -


Doing a few small things means you can NET more when selling your home and that should make everyone happy!

  1. Declutter- cut back overgrown shrubs, remove vines, unsightly perennials, it's time to part ways with that cracked bird bath.   Remove any yard accessories like gnomes or concrete gerbils, people want a blank slate. 

  2. Limb up trees, your home should be 100% visible from the mailbox.   Remove ugly trees that have poor growth, irregular shape, or broken limbs.  

  3. Sod or seed & straw any areas with no turf.   Straw looks better than dirt as it gives sellers a "new construction" feel.   Sod is expensive and should be avoided unless you have irrigation in place or it's in the fall (October-November are the only times you can sod non-irrigated lawns)

  4. Remove perennials that don't have flowers or that don't have a clean look, these will be mistaken for weeds by most homebuyers. Keep in mind that most people are not master gardeners.  

  5. Add mulch.  No need for 3" here, just add a dusting of mulch to refresh your property.  Make sure all weeds are sprayed first.  We recommend using brown or black mulch, avoid using Red as many home buyers associate that with lower income subdivisions.  (think McDonalds) 

  6. Add foundation plantings if missing.   A house without foundation planting won't have good curb appeal, consider installing evergreens that are at least 12" tall.  We recommend Holly or Nandina for this. Avoid using flowers or perennials for foundation plantings as they could die or start looking like weeds before your home sells.   

Have any more tips?  Email us info@peninsulalawn.com

Services Offered......don't see it, call us! We are not listing all services.

Lawn Care

Annual Grounds Management

Landscape Design

3D Landscape Conceptual Drawings

Landscape Renovation


LED Lighting  

Retaining Walls

Outdoor Fireplaces

Patio & Decks

Patio Enclosures


Pavilions & Pergola

Drainage Systems

Tight-line French Drains

Tree Care, Arbor Care


Plant Installation

Gravel, Stone, Boulders, Stone Features

We offer several solutions for drainage problems. 

  1. Grading 

  2. Bringing in additional soil/fill

  3. Rerouting Downspouts

  4. Drain basins with drain pipe and pop up emitter or discharge

  5. French Drains 

  6. Sump Pump System

We are Hampton Road's premiere landscape design & maintenance firm