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We are Hampton Road's premiere landscape design & maintenance firm

For over fifteen years, Peninsula has EARNED a REPUTATION for consistently DELIVERING on the many PROMISES it has made.    Promises to deliver the best landscaping services day in, day out.

Today, Peninsula is busy making NEW promises.  With the most advanced equipment and design software, new resilient plant varieties, and communication and quality assurance systems that range from ADVANCED cloud reporting to monthly recovery reports to REDUCE service calls and complaints.

Peninsula Landscaping Inc.  It's the promise of something new, backed up by a HERITAGE of promises kept, and RECOGNIZED around Hampton Roads as the BENCHMARK of QUALITY in Landscaping.  

Contact us today for a free consultation.  757-597-4631 or 757-759-5747.

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HGTV INSPIRED makeovers starting at $1,899

While a completely custom landscape is great, costs can sometimes get away.  You work hard for your money so now it's time to get the best value.  With our special packages, you can get landscape features normally only seen on properties worth well over 1MM (1 million).   Most of our customers are homes in the 350k to 950k price range who want the HGTV look.


Our package deals include HGTV inspired features such as: boulders, river surge, LED outdoor lighting, rock and stone features, rare plant varieties, creative use of pavers, gravel and other hardscape items.  Other services include installation of trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals, pavers, mulch, turf, sod, and tree care and removal.

In house Special Project Financing also Available @ 5.99%APR 

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LED Landscape Lighting

Did you know Peninsula Landscaping Inc. will price match any quote from a certified licensed landscape lighting company?  We stand behind the quality of our work and offer a extended warranty.   Contact us today.

Landscape  Design Services

Featured Project, Yorktown VA

While most of our lighting customers are homeowners, the below featured project is for a homeowners association in Yorktown.   The customer wanted to create impact and ensure the HOA entrance stays updated.   Our team is capable of boring under roads and installing wire, something that was done on several runs.  The customer was able to light the entire entrance including an 800 foot median for just $9,000 thanks to our MEET or BEAT program.  Check out pictures below:

Not quiet ready to hire a landscape architect?   Would you prefer 3D images of the landscaping design rather than atop down drawing that dose't really help you visualize what the final product will look like?   You've come to the right place.   Peninsula Landscaping Inc. offers both traditional 2D desig, but we prefer to give clients 3D designs only which not only saves on architectural costs but also helps you visualize the final product so you are getting exactly what we want.  

You can hire a landscape architect who will draw a pretty picture and understands the theory..... or you can hire us and use our 4 million dollars of past performance insulation experience plus our 3D landscape visualization software to get a much better idea of what you are getting all while also lowering your cost.  

From our experience analyzing city and municipal projects, as well as personal residences where an architect was used, most designs were either too dense in planting, too sparse, did not take into account landscape maintenance or long term variable costs (not everyone is a master gardener who will distinguish 25 varieties of flowers or shrubs each of require a unique way to maintain them).  About 25% of our work is correcting previously "architecturally designed" landscapes.

Did you know that many landscapers recommend plants that are overstocked by nurseries instead of recommending plants for their ease of maintenance or longevity.   Peninsula Landscaping for example, has replaced over 3000 dead Indian Hawthrones, a shrub that in the Virginia area has a 3-5 year lifetime expectancy, yet continues to be used by buildings and landscape architects as it is easy to grow, looks good when installed, and helps these companies increase their profit, meanwhile the customer is stuck with plants that die as soon as the warranty expires.  


We recommend using landscape architects only when required for city or code approval, or when working on projects larger than $150,000.00

Check out these 3D Landscape Designs